Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Fulton Science Academy Cyber Safety Assembly

On Thursday, October 15, FSAPS had the honor of hosting Laurie Nicholson from the FBI. Nicholson came to school to speak to the student body about cyber safety. She spoke to the students about internet safety, emphasizing the need to be especially safe when using social media apps and websites. She talked about how online criminals have the benefit of being anonymous and can therefore easily trick a person into believing that they are someone else.

Nicholson explained her famous "grandma rule" to the students: if you would be comfortable telling your grandma or having your grandma see it, you definitely shouldn't be putting it on the internet! She also talked to students about how colleges and places of employment are using social media and Google searches as a point of reference for accepting applicants, and how important it is for students to maintain a good image throughout these platforms.

Finally, Nicholson hosted a question and answer session during which students asked about everything from her training and experience to the ages and types of criminals she has dealt with throughout her career.

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