Monday, December 14, 2015

Middle School Science Olympiad Gears Up for Next Competition

Middle School Science Olympiad Team members are busily preparing for their first competition with many exciting activities. Last weekend, Disease Detective students, led by parent coaches Mrs. Bhatt and Ms. Chirumamilla, traveled to the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta to visit the CDC museum. In addition to learning about epidemiology, a highlight of the trip was the opportunity to dress in hazmat suits! Students in Mrs. Walsh’s Elastic Launch Glider class are learning the finer details in constructing, launching, and flying balsa gliders. Mr. Parlak’s students are designing, constructing, and testing various bridge designs to determine the lightest bridge that can carry the heaviest load.

Next month, students will have additional opportunities to study and make FSA history as they hold the first ever lock-in on the new campus. It will be nearly 20 hours of non-stop science! Students will break bridges, fly gliders, launch bottle rockets, conduct food experiments, watch movies, and stargaze! It all begins on Friday, October 23 at 4:30 and runs through Saturday, October 24 at noon. Cost of the lock-in is $25. Permission forms are available from Mrs. Walsh or Mrs. Stathos and are due by Monday, October 20.

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