Wednesday, June 22, 2016


STEAM Art Classes with 1st and 2nd Grade
Using the amazing illustrations of Eric Carle as inspiration, students have been spending time creating artwork with a variety of media. His familiar stories such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Very Lonely Firefly, and The Grouchy Ladybug helped spur students on to create such projects as glow-in-the-dark firefly jars, finger painted paper mass production activities, and a block print series. Just like the artist- our studio has been messy and fun!

STEAM Art Classes with 3rd and 4th Grade
Architectural Design has been the inspiration for this group of summer artists. Students investigated castles around the world and used the their favorite aspects from several designs to inform their own permanent sand castle sculptures created from recycled materials. Students learned about Frank Lloyd Wright and created two different types of stained glass artworks- medieval and contemporary. They also had some fun experimenting with fabric dye techniques!

STEAM Art Classes with 5th and 6th Grade
Many students are familiar with only one form of Japanese art- Anime. However, many students have not studied what lies as inspiration for the backdrop of some of their favorite series- the subtle beauty of the Japanese paintings and block prints. Intricate block prints created by Japanese artists through the centuries make wonderful inspiration for students to create block prints and paintings of their own. Students also dove into other Japanese art forms by making bamboo paintings with traditional sumi ink and enjoyed designing their own carp kites!

STEAM Art Classes with 7th and 8th Grade
In 7th and 8th grade the theme is “Art that is Larger than Life!” Students studied giant mobiles by artists like Alexander Calder and large abstract sculptures from artists around the world. Students learned design strategies to create stable, stunning works of art and created miniature versions of the works they studied using very real carpentry tools!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Fulton Science Academy Last Blast Splash


We would like to thank our wonderful parents for organizing such an awesome Last Blast Splash event for our students and teachers. Everyone agrees that this was the best ever Last Blast Carnival at Fulton Science Academy. Please see some videos and pictures here:


Wow! What an amazing celebration of creativity, critical thinking and problem solving at 2016 Destination Imagination Global Finals in Tennessee this past weekend.

Three FSA Team enjoyed this wonderful experience and had a blast at the Global Finals.

A big thank you to all of our destination imagination students, parents and coaches for representing our school and our state at the global finals. What an honor!

Please see some amazing videos and pictures from 2016 Destination Imagination Global Finals here:



Congratulations to our wonderful robotics team Syntax Error #5262 for their fantastic performance at First Lego League North American Open Championship! 

Open Invitational Championships are by host invitation only due to limited capacity. 

Generally, invited regions make this opportunity available to Champion’s Award winning teams from States Championship events. 

Our Team, Syntax Error won the Strategy & Innovation Award among 72 teams all over the US championship award winner teams. 

This award recognizes a team that uses solid engineering practices and a well- developed strategy to design and build an innovative, high performing robot. 

Syntax Error #5262 Team includes following students:
Sophie Chan
Nadine Haddad
Addington Hobbs
Bryndi MacDonald
Nicole Shariati
Prajwal Vedula
Calum O’Sullivan

Congratulations to these wonderful students and our wonderful coach Mr. Kaya. Way to go!


Nineteen members of the Fulton Science Academy Science Olympiad Team traveled to Menomonie, Wisconsin for the 32nd Annual National Science Olympiad Tournament. Students, coaches and parents endured and 18-hour charter bus ride to travel to and from the tournament, but the effort was well worth it. The tournament was hosted by the University of Wisconsin-Stout and in addition to the competition, the school offered a variety of special STEM-themed events. Thursday evening was spent getting acclimated to the campus, meeting other Science Olympians, playing life-sized games, including Jenga, chess, Connect Four, Yahtzee, and Hungry, Hungry Hippos, and learning about exotic amphibians and reptiles. On Friday, students competed in several trial events and attended lectures on dairy science, the science of coffee, video game production, Babylonian Calculus, and a celebration of space movies. Some FSA students even had the opportunity to explore the cadaver lab!

Friday evening was the Opening Ceremonies beginning with the Parade of States. The FSA team’s theme was Star Wars: Jedi vs. Sith with FSA students garbed in robes and armed with light sabers. Following the Opening Ceremonies, students met with other Science Olympians for a Swap Meet to trade items representing their team, hometown, or home state. Traditionally, each student’s goal is to come home with one of the cheeseheads worn by the Wisconsin teams. This year FSA students negotiated a team record five cheeseheads as the light sabers and robes were in high demand.

Saturday students awoke early to make final preparations for the competition. Students had been preparing for their events since September and were anxious to show their knowledge. FSA’s Rube-Goldberg device for Mission Possible performed flawlessly and Vihan Karnala and Andre Hamelberg were taken aside for an on-camera interview. The Air Trajectory device demonstrated by Christina Wang and Andre Hamelberg was able to make a “bucket shot” for extra points. While one of the Bottle Rockets launched by Andre Hamelberg and Jay Epstein misfired, the “egg passenger” survived without breaking. Overall, students found the tests challenging but enjoyable.

FSA students placed in the top twenty in 11 of the 23 events. Events and placements are as follows:

Write It, Do It – coached by Mrs. Stathos

1st Place – Mira Mutnick and Sophie Richardson

Road Scholar – coached by Mrs. Stathos

3rd Place – Mira Mutnick and Sophie Richardson

Crave the Wave – coached by Mr. Kersey

7th Place – Vihan Karnala and Holden Watson

Experimental Design – coached by Mrs. Stathos and Simon Wang

11th Place – Mira Mutnick, Sophie Richardson, and Sruthi Chatrathi

Fossils – coached by Ms. Beres

12th Place – Will Mutsch and Jay Epstein

Dynamic Planet – coached by Mrs. Walsh

16th Place – Mira Mutnick and Sophie Richardson

Picture This – coached by Ms. Fichter

16th Place – Avinash Pratap and Christina Wang

Wind Power – coached by Mr. Wang

16th Place – Christina Wang and Vihan Karnala

Invasive Species – coached by Mrs. Butler

17th Place – Will Mutsch and Avinash Pratap

Disease Detectives – coached by Mrs. Bhatt and Ms. Chirumamilla

20th Place – Akash Bhatt and Sruthi Chatrathi

Mission Possible – coached by Mr. Kersey

20th Place – Andre Hamelberg and Bihan Karnala


Congratulations to Mira Mutnick and Sophie Richardson for taking First Place in the Write It, Do It event at the National Science Olympiad Tournament held on May 21 at the University of Wisconsin-Stout in Menominee, Wisconsin.

Write It, Do It is a technical writing event in which one team member is shown a 3-D structure composed of various materials and without touching the model must write a set of instructions on how to build it. The other team member is given these instructions and a set of unassembled materials to attempt to recreate the object as accurately as possible.

Science Olympiad Head Coach Gloria Stathos has been working with Mira on this event for the past three years and Sophie for two years. They began working as partners this year. “Write It, Do It is one of the more difficult events in ScienceOlympiad,” said Mrs. Stathos. “Students have no idea of the materials they will be given, have never seen the structure, and cannot touch the model to try and figure out how it is assembled. The structures at National Tournaments are notoriously complex and to place first is really a stellar accomplishment. For this event, both partners have to be at their best; you need both a good write and a good builder. Mira and Sophie were the perfect combination.”

In addition to being National Champions for Write It, Do It, Mira and Sophie were awarded third place medals for the Road Scholar event. Road Scholar is a mapping event, in which participants must be able to interpret and draw topographic, highway, and satellite maps. Mrs. Stathos also serves as coach for this event. “I’ve been coaching Road Scholar since 2003 and this was our first national medal for this event. Mira and Sophie really went above and beyond to prepare for this tournament and their hard work really paid off,” she said.