Monday, October 31, 2016

Fulton Science Academy Pumpkin Decoration

Fulton Science Academy Pumpkin Decoration


Saturday, October 29, 2016


Students in elementary grades have been introduced to a new reading resource that combines reading comprehension practice on their specific reading level and our students' love for technology!

Second grade teachers in particular are already seeing improvement in their students' reading fluency and comprehension skills during their guided reading group work. Utilizing this resource during small groups allows our students to practice the reading skills they individually need with interesting and developmentally appropriate stories and comprehension skill practice.

A combination of iPad use and our new leveled reading library resource in the media center will excite our students to love reading and expose our students to a variety of great stories to practice their reading skills throughout the year.

We are thrilled to see how our students will grow throughout the year with the wonderful resources we are implementing in our classrooms!


This past weekend, nine FSAPS Middle School and High School Science Olympiad coaches traveled to Centerville, Ohio, for the 2016 Science Olympiad Coaching Academy.

Workshops covering every one of the 33 different events (between B&C divisions) were offered, along with a few workshops focusing on general coaching strategies and overall building techniques. This academy is well worth the 9-hour drive since the workshops are taught by the Science Olympiad National Event Supervisors.

Mrs. Gloria Stathos, one of the head Science Olympiad coaches, felt grateful that so many parent and faculty coaches could attend this year. “This is amazing that so many coaches could take their weekend to travel to the academy,” said Gloria. “When we have additional coaches who step outside of the events they personally coach and learn more about the events, it strengthens the team. The more knowledgeable our coaches are about B & C division events, the more we can assist one another, lend advice, and help the students in their preparation for competition.”

In each event workshop, participants could expect an in-depth presentation about the rules, clarifications on any guidelines that seem vague, tips and tricks on how to best prepare students who are studying that event, and an almost round-table discussion conclusion where everyone shared their own personal strategies, successes, and failures.

As every good science Olympiad coach AND student knows, sometimes the failures are the most valuable part of the learning process!

Fulton Science Academy AND THE WINNER IS....

Wow! What a contest! I don't think any of us could have expected so many likes and loves in response to the Red Red Ribbon Week door decorating contest posted on our Facebook page this week. Not only did people from all over the Georgia vote for their favorites, but we've been told that some FSA supporters from other countries voted as well. We had so much fun!
And now, onto the winner...
Drumroll, please.... :)
Ms. Ramsey's 3rd grade class won 1st place with 717 likes and loves! YAY!
Congratulations to Ms. Ramsey, her students, and her parents for the wonderful door design. Ms. Ramsey's class has now won a personalized classroom door mat and a dress down day.
Our administrative team decided to award the amazing runner up class as well. This classroom was very close with 594 likes and loves.
Congratulations to Mrs. Whitlock's class!!!
This class has won a dress down day as well!
A big THANK YOU goes to our parent volunteer, Mrs. Shelley Kersey, for organizing this awesome event for our students. We appreciate you!
Regardless of likes or votes, we view every participant as a winner. Thank you to those who created such innovative and inspiring designs. Your hard work is both recognized and appreciated.
Photos of this year's winner and runner up are below.
Have a wonderful weekend and thank you again for your support of FSA.

Red Ribbon Week Door Contest Decoration

FSA is proud to announce the launch of “Red Ribbon Week.” This important initiative, which is supported annually by schools all across the nation, creates awareness about alcohol, tobacco, and drug use, as well as violence prevention issues.
Please help us recognize the incredible work of our FSA teachers and students who have worked hard to decorate their homeroom doors with themes that support Red Ribbon Week.
You can show your support by voting for your favorite door design(s) by “liking” photos on our Facebook page below. Votes will be collected through noon on this Friday, October 28, 2016, and you can vote for as many different door decorations as you wish.
This Friday, once votes are tallied, the winning homeroom teacher will receive a personalized doormat for their classroom compliments of the MSO.

Thursday, October 27, 2016


It was a great weekend for our Mathletes! In addition to the great news shared about our older students, we also want to congratulate those students who participated in the Eagle Cup Competition held at Woodward Academy this weekend.

Results follow:
FSAPS's Fourth Grade Team placed first. Team members include Karthik K, Siddarth S, Tejash G, Eric Y, Rana K;

Fourth Grader, Karthik K., placed first individually; and

Fourth Grader, Siddarth S., placed third individually

We are so proud of our students' hard work and dedication to these very difficult competitions. Way to go, Mustangs!

Saturday, October 22, 2016


Today, FSAPS Math Olympiad Team competed in UGA High School Math Tournament and won 6th place as a team among 78 Georgia high schools.

The fact that our team included three 8th graders and one 9th grader, this is very promising results for the future of FSAPS High School Math Olympiad Team.

Additionally, one of our 8th grader, Holden W. won 4th place individually among 289 high school students competed today. Holden won $1,000 scholarship from UGA.

Very proud of our Math Olympiad Team students. Way to go!

Friday, October 21, 2016


Ms. Fuchs’ hands on science club is very interactive! Every week, the students observe different experiments through inquiry and using the 5 senses. Learning about science is much more exciting for students with stimulating activities like studying engineering by creating an aluminum foil boats in order to “save Ms. Fuchs”. The students have been investigating the world around them and why things happen through hands on science activities!

This month we have been focusing on “fall themed” science investigations! Last week we created building structures using only toothpicks and candy corn! Take a look at what we created!


Fulton Science Academy is so pleased to have many new additions to the Mustang Players this year; students ranging from 6th grade to 10th are hard at work rehearsing on Monday and Friday afternoons for their winter production, "Black Boot’s Lost Loot."

This one-act comedy chronicles the rivalry between two pirate crews, Black Boot and his men and Scurvy Sal’s crew of lady pirates. Be prepared for a whirlwind of treasure hunts, mistaken identities, and pirate romance. Shiver me timbers!

Through this work, students have the chance to memorize lines, learn about stage presence and voice control, and even lend a hand with set design and costuming. It is certainly hard work, but in the end, the cast members are left with memories that last a lifetime.

Please mark your calendars for Black Boot’s Lost Loot; the show opens on on December 8 and ticket information will be forthcoming.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Fulton Science Academy would like to thank the Novak Family Foundation for their recent donation of $12,000 to support FSAPS. Per their request, this very generous contribution will be allocated towards three separate projects:
1. An anti-bullying awareness campaign to benefit students.
2. The addition of a new wildlife/environmental preservation club to be introduced in the second semester for students.
3. Exterior beautification efforts to support the school's upcoming building expansion plan.
When asked why the family's foundation chose to support FSA, Mrs. Novak commented, "Well, it's been said that you should be the change that you want to see in the world... today, tomorrow and always. I think our family recognizes the importance of this statement and we realize the unique opportunity we have to put those words into motion."
When asked why the family foundation chose to make such a generous contribution to FSA, she responded, "Making an investment in Fulton Science Academy Private School made perfect sense...not only are we supporting our son's educational future, but we hope this donation will benefit other students AND help encourage other families (and the companies they work for and/or own) to donate funds to the school as well. We have witnessed such inspiring changes in our son, Aidan, since he began at FSA last year. To us, FSA feels like home. That, in and of itself, is such a gift to our family, and I suspect other families feel the same way...that FSA is like a second home."
We hope it goes without saying that the Novak Family Foundation's donation is greatly appreciated and is already being put to great use. Plans are in motion for several anti-bullying outreach initiatives, and dialogue has begun to discuss the addition of a new environmental club next semester. Discussions are also occurring to plan how a portion of their contribution can support landscape beautification efforts in conjunction with the proposed campus expansion.
Gifts such as these are not only greatly appreciated, but they help to ensure a strong future for our school. Thank you to the Novak Family Foundation for a gift that will truly keep on giving for years to come.
To learn more about how you can make a tax-deductible donation to support Fulton Science Academy and the many programs and services offered here, please email Advancement Director, Megan Bowman, at Thank you!

Fulton Science Academy FTC Robotics Team Prepares for first competition in November.

Fulton Science Academy FTC Robotics Team Prepares for first competition in November.

What's FTC?

Well, it’s way more than building robots. FIRST Tech Challenge teams (10+ members, grades 7-12) are challenged to design, build, program, and operate robots to play a floor game in an alliance format.

And Fulton Science Academy will join the fun this year, with a brand new rookie team that is excited to participate in its first regional competition on Saturday, November 5.

Students who comprise Team Syntax Error #11420 FTC have had two months to learn and explore concepts together. Some worked well, others required modifications, and some failed. But through each experience came learning.

After many hours of hard work, the team's robot includes four modules: chassis, collector brush, surgical tube lifter and flicker. These will be implemented during the competition as the robot responds to challenges and missions placed

As the rookie team, our team has done a great job to finished 4 modules in a short time. Good luck Syntax Error #11420 on regional completion on November 5th.

Portions of this article were taken from FRIST Tech Challenge Web Page. To learn more, please click here.

A Message from Principal Kenan Sener


Greetings to our FSA Friends and Families,

I would like to re-visit our school's core values of “Excellence, Innovation, and Character.” Specifically, I'd like to talk about "character."

Many of you may have heard me say that “It is not enough to be smart. Nobody wants only smart people around.” Our workplaces, our communities, and society, in general, needs successful people who also:

  • Care about others;
  • Offer a hand to the needy;
  • Celebrate individuals' differences;
  • Find ways to help and improve the world around them;
  • Respect everyone’s rights and help to protect them;
  • Value kindness and compassion (and the list goes on).

In this regard, I consider our school community to be a very fortunate place where we do not need to look far to find great role models. For example, just this weekend:

  • A group of parents took the time to decorate our school for the Fall season. Did they need to do it? No. But they chose to do it because they care.
  • Another group of parent volunteers took the time to paint some of our school walls with beautiful colors. This was done to continue to make our school feel comfortable and inviting to those who spend so much time here.
  • An FSA family made an incredibly generous donation to help our school (please read the article below.) Understanding that funding outside of tuition alone is an important part of a private school's success and longevity, this family's generosity will benefit many of our students.
  • Several students and parents volunteered at a local community festival where a number of community members had a great time with their families learning about other cultures, enjoying music, dancing, and delicious food.
  • A number of teachers and parents took the time to further their weekend studies, participate in school field trips, coordinate events with their students, attend competitions, etc. Additionally, several of our teachers even visited students in their homes as part of the FSA home visit program.

In my time at FSA, over and over, I have seen our students helping one other and helping our community. I was very touched when a group of students acted so thoughtfully and decorated a locker that belongs to a new student for her birthday, thinking that no one might do it since she was new at our school.

The successful fundraising campaign for pediatric cancer research last month was another prime example of our students’ compassionate character; a true gift that we have witnessed together. Just this evening, our own City Council showed tremendous kindness and character by inviting our school to receive a proclamation recognizing the school's fundraising efforts last month to support CURE. Coverage of the school's fundraising event continues throughout local media; you may read a recent news clip that appeared in the Roswell/Alpharetta Herald by clicking here

It is clear to me that our students know that it is not enough to be smart. They use their bountiful wings of character and excellence as two caring eyes...not only to fly around and observe the world around them but also to make it a better place for all of us.

What an inspiration our students provide, each and every day. Thank you to our incredible families and friends for all you do to support Fulton Science Academy and the incredible children we are so honored to teach here.

With eternal gratitude to be a part of such a caring community,

Kenan Sener

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Fulton Science Academy were Presented Proclamation from City Mayor


This evening, members of the Alpharetta City Council, led by Mayor David Belle Isle, presented a proclamation to Fulton Science Academy. The proclamation, which can be viewed below, recognized FSA students, parents, and faculty who worked so hard to support last month's "Coins for a Cure" fundraising efforts.

We would like to thank everyone at the City Council for inviting us to this evening's meeting, as well as our parent volunteers who joined. We appreciate the support of our elected officials greatly and feel so lucky to be a part of the wonderful Alpharetta community.

Fulton Science Academy Math Mustangs Continue Winning Streak!

Congratulations to the FSA Math Teams who did a spectacular job at the Luella High School Math Tournament on Saturday, October 15. This was the first Varsity Level Math Tournament the school has participated in thus far this year.
Results follow:
FSA's Junior Varsity Team placed third as a team in the Junior Varsity Division (Our team competed against 10th graders at the high school level).
One of our 10th graders, Ethan G., from the FSA Junior Varsity division, placed 9th individually in Junior Varsity Division.
FSA's Varsity Team (including three eighth graders and one-ninth grader) placed 2nd as a team in the Varsity Division (The team competed against 12th graders at the high school level)! This is our best placement in Varsity division so far!
One of our 9th graders, Charlie F., placed 5th individually in the Varsity Division.
One of our 8th graders, Holden W., tied for 1st place and placed 2nd individually in the Varsity Division.
FSA Junior Varsity Math Team Members
Ethan G., Vishal B., Chaitanya N., George W.
FSA Varsity Math Team
Charlie F., Holden W., Tyler H., Vishaal R.
We would like to offer special thanks to Mr. Nifadkar and Mr. Ram for volunteering to help this weekend!
Congratulations to both FSAPS Math Teams, and particularly Ethan G., Charlie F., and Holden W. for their outstanding performance @ junior varsity or varsity level! Way to go Math Mustangs!!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Fulton Science Academy Math Team Won 1st Place in 2016 North Fulton Math Tournament

We have just received the great news that our Fulton Science Academy Math Olympiad Team students won 1st place as a team in Junior Varsity Level of 2016 North Fulton Math Tournament and 8th grader, Holden Watson won 1st place individually. Amazing! Way to go!


This past Monday, second grade students entered the building in their plaid shirts and skirts to get ready for a day filled with apples and Johnny Appleseed! Students left the school completely dressed as Johnny Appleseed... including a pot hat and everything!
It was a fun day filled with apple-themed learning. Students rotated to the three second grade teachers for a lesson and activity centered around Johnny Appleseed. When students visited Ms. P's classroom, they learned about the life cycle of the apple and put this life cycle into their own words. They created a 3-D version of an apple, showcasing the 4 main stages of an apple's life cycle.
In Ms. Minor's classroom, students dove into apple math centers. They found the weight of apples, measured apples, they found out how many apples tall they were! They had a blast using standard and non-standard measurement.
Students visited Mrs. Adam's class and heard a story about Johnny Appleseed to learn more about his history. Students discussed fact vs. legend, and sorted different ideas into fact or legend categories. After their reading comprehension activities, they created a hat to turn themselves into Johnny Appleseed!
At the end of the day, students finished their "Apple Investigations," including graphing the taste of their apples (their favorite part of the day!) It was a very exciting day to be in second grade at FSA!