Saturday, October 29, 2016


This past weekend, nine FSAPS Middle School and High School Science Olympiad coaches traveled to Centerville, Ohio, for the 2016 Science Olympiad Coaching Academy.

Workshops covering every one of the 33 different events (between B&C divisions) were offered, along with a few workshops focusing on general coaching strategies and overall building techniques. This academy is well worth the 9-hour drive since the workshops are taught by the Science Olympiad National Event Supervisors.

Mrs. Gloria Stathos, one of the head Science Olympiad coaches, felt grateful that so many parent and faculty coaches could attend this year. “This is amazing that so many coaches could take their weekend to travel to the academy,” said Gloria. “When we have additional coaches who step outside of the events they personally coach and learn more about the events, it strengthens the team. The more knowledgeable our coaches are about B & C division events, the more we can assist one another, lend advice, and help the students in their preparation for competition.”

In each event workshop, participants could expect an in-depth presentation about the rules, clarifications on any guidelines that seem vague, tips and tricks on how to best prepare students who are studying that event, and an almost round-table discussion conclusion where everyone shared their own personal strategies, successes, and failures.

As every good science Olympiad coach AND student knows, sometimes the failures are the most valuable part of the learning process!

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