Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A Message from Principal Kenan Sener


Greetings to our FSA Friends and Families,

I would like to re-visit our school's core values of “Excellence, Innovation, and Character.” Specifically, I'd like to talk about "character."

Many of you may have heard me say that “It is not enough to be smart. Nobody wants only smart people around.” Our workplaces, our communities, and society, in general, needs successful people who also:

  • Care about others;
  • Offer a hand to the needy;
  • Celebrate individuals' differences;
  • Find ways to help and improve the world around them;
  • Respect everyone’s rights and help to protect them;
  • Value kindness and compassion (and the list goes on).

In this regard, I consider our school community to be a very fortunate place where we do not need to look far to find great role models. For example, just this weekend:

  • A group of parents took the time to decorate our school for the Fall season. Did they need to do it? No. But they chose to do it because they care.
  • Another group of parent volunteers took the time to paint some of our school walls with beautiful colors. This was done to continue to make our school feel comfortable and inviting to those who spend so much time here.
  • An FSA family made an incredibly generous donation to help our school (please read the article below.) Understanding that funding outside of tuition alone is an important part of a private school's success and longevity, this family's generosity will benefit many of our students.
  • Several students and parents volunteered at a local community festival where a number of community members had a great time with their families learning about other cultures, enjoying music, dancing, and delicious food.
  • A number of teachers and parents took the time to further their weekend studies, participate in school field trips, coordinate events with their students, attend competitions, etc. Additionally, several of our teachers even visited students in their homes as part of the FSA home visit program.

In my time at FSA, over and over, I have seen our students helping one other and helping our community. I was very touched when a group of students acted so thoughtfully and decorated a locker that belongs to a new student for her birthday, thinking that no one might do it since she was new at our school.

The successful fundraising campaign for pediatric cancer research last month was another prime example of our students’ compassionate character; a true gift that we have witnessed together. Just this evening, our own City Council showed tremendous kindness and character by inviting our school to receive a proclamation recognizing the school's fundraising efforts last month to support CURE. Coverage of the school's fundraising event continues throughout local media; you may read a recent news clip that appeared in the Roswell/Alpharetta Herald by clicking here

It is clear to me that our students know that it is not enough to be smart. They use their bountiful wings of character and excellence as two caring eyes...not only to fly around and observe the world around them but also to make it a better place for all of us.

What an inspiration our students provide, each and every day. Thank you to our incredible families and friends for all you do to support Fulton Science Academy and the incredible children we are so honored to teach here.

With eternal gratitude to be a part of such a caring community,

Kenan Sener

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