Saturday, October 8, 2016


Fulton Science Academy's Elementary teachers have a new resource to enhance reading instruction. The school recently purchased 237 titles of leveled reader books.
Unlike the Media Center where books are sorted by author and subject, the leveled reader books are sorted by levels of difficulty from easy books for emergent readers to longer books for proficient readers.
Books cover all genres and subjects including fiction, non-fiction, and biographies. Each title has six copies, all contained in one easy, grab-and-go bag. This allows teachers to select materials to read with their students in small groups at a level that is challenging, yet still manageable for students.
“Having the books sorted by reading level makes it so easy to select appropriate books,” said second grade teacher, Ms. Przedpelski. "As the school grows, so will the leveled reader library as we add more and more books each year."
Many thanks to Mrs. Campbell, vice principal, who sorted the books by reading level and Alisha Moore, a dedicated parent volunteer, who labeled all of the books.

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