Saturday, October 8, 2016


This past Monday, second grade students entered the building in their plaid shirts and skirts to get ready for a day filled with apples and Johnny Appleseed! Students left the school completely dressed as Johnny Appleseed... including a pot hat and everything!
It was a fun day filled with apple-themed learning. Students rotated to the three second grade teachers for a lesson and activity centered around Johnny Appleseed. When students visited Ms. P's classroom, they learned about the life cycle of the apple and put this life cycle into their own words. They created a 3-D version of an apple, showcasing the 4 main stages of an apple's life cycle.
In Ms. Minor's classroom, students dove into apple math centers. They found the weight of apples, measured apples, they found out how many apples tall they were! They had a blast using standard and non-standard measurement.
Students visited Mrs. Adam's class and heard a story about Johnny Appleseed to learn more about his history. Students discussed fact vs. legend, and sorted different ideas into fact or legend categories. After their reading comprehension activities, they created a hat to turn themselves into Johnny Appleseed!
At the end of the day, students finished their "Apple Investigations," including graphing the taste of their apples (their favorite part of the day!) It was a very exciting day to be in second grade at FSA!

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