Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Students in grades PreK-2nd went into Atlanta on Thursday, December 10th to visit the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. Students began their day together with an IMAX movie all about "The Wonders of the Arctic". They were able to learn about life living in the Arctic including the humans who work there and the animals who live on the land and in the Ocean. It was an awesome experience seeing these videos on the giant IMAX screenreally bring life in the Arctic to our real life.

After the IMAX film, our students split up into groups and ventured out to visit all of the awesome exhibits in the museum. While traveling around the museum, students were able to see decorated pine trees representing many different countries around the world that lined the museum's hallways. One exhibit students visited was all about Science - students were able to explore different science tools and activities. They were able to create LARGE bubbles, view light refraction, see themselves on a TV screen, see optical illusions, and so much more. All of our FSAPS students really enjoyed spending some time in this exploration room. At the bottom of the museum was a prehistoric exhibit where our students were able to see dinosaur replicas..... this was a huge hit with ALL of our students! However, I think all of our FSA teachers would agree that one of the major highlights of this trip for our students was also having the chance to explore and play in the museum's nature playground. This playground was filled with so many fun things to explore: complete with tree houses, bridges, optical illusions of moving water, real lizards and alligators, and SO MUCH MORE. This portion of our trip was definitely a major highlight for all of our PreK-2nd grade students.
We had an awesome day together exploring this museum. A big thank you to our parent chaperones who helped make the day special for our students! It was a great day to be an FSA student!
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