Tuesday, December 15, 2015


FLL team Syntax Error( Robotics) hosted an educational and entertaining Recycling Assembly for the 4th-8th grade students on Tuesday, December 8. The students explained how our community and our school participate in a single-stream recycling program. This program means that we can place all of our recyclables into one bin, and they will be sorted into categories (paper, glass, plastic) at the recycling plant.

The students learned all about what types of items we can and cannot recycle, and were quizzed on interesting facts from the presentation. For example, even though they are made from cardboard, pizza boxes cannot be recycled because they are soiled with grease. Only clean items should be recycled.

FLL team Syntax Error giving the presentation talked about different ways that our FSAPS students can help the environment, save energy, and keep our school green. Students should always take advantage of the separate in-class bins, and should heed information written on the large three-sort bins placed throughout the hallways. The presenters also put on a great show of catchy jingles and dance moves to help our assembled student body remember the rules of recycling. At the end of the assembly, our students gave suggestions for ways they can help keep our campus clean and green.

Thank you to FLL team Syntax Error and Mr.Kaya for the wonderful presentation! Parents, please help us stay green by continuing to encourage recycling at home!

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