Thursday, October 24, 2013

FSA College Mentorship Program Speaker Series Hosted Leader Stacey Abrams


FSA College Mentorship Program Speaker Series hosted Leader Stacey Abrams this past week. Please click here to see the bio of Leader Abrams. It is simply amazing. We are so happy to host such wonderful speakers at our school. Students truly enjoyed the speech given by Leader Abrams and they asked many questions. There was lots of energy in the room and the message was very clear. Work Hard, Work Smart, and Work Together. At the end of the event FSA Student Council President, Faith Lucas and Vice President, Omar Kayyali thanked Leader Abrams on behalf of all students.  It was a great day for everyone. Please see some pictures here:

Stay tuned! FSA College Mentorship Program speaker series will continue with some other leaders and experts of our community on Wednesdays during College Mentorship Program hours.

We think that the future leaders of our world, our students, will benefit dearly from the speeches of this successful leaders in our community.

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