Tuesday, November 12, 2013

1st Place in 2013 Luella High School Math Competition

On Saturday, November 9, Fulton Science Academy Private School Math Olympiad Team students attended 2013 Luella High School Math Competition. Our students have shown an outstanding performance in this competition. They did not only won 1st place as a team but they also won top three placement individually. Please see the individual placements below:

1st Place – Julian Hamelberg
2nd Place – Aditya Choudhari
3rd Place – Jean Moorman
5th Place – Hasan Unal

Other Math Olympiad students in our 1st place winning team are Hyen Jay Lee, Brian Shoffeitt, Araneesh Pratap, Sid Marupudi, Nadir Lews, Karuna Kumar, Ananya Terala and Elaine Wen!

Congratulations to these wonderful group of students, their parents and our coaches, Mr. Seker and Mr. Tuzen. Way to go!

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