Sunday, November 13, 2016


Students in grades 1-3 enjoyed a beautiful day at the apple orchards in Ellijay, Georgia, on Wednesday, October 26. Students took a long (but very exciting) bus ride to North Georgia to visit Hillcrest Orchards! Participants were very lucky to have some wonderful fall weather to enjoy the outdoors for the day. 
On the trip, students were able to see what farm life is all about. Classes rotated through the different stations and experienced a variety of activities. Each student enjoyed a yummy cup of fresh apple cider, learned about how to feed cows, practiced taking kernels off ears of corn for the cows to eat, practiced and ACTUALLY milked a real cow named "Buttercup," learned about cows and bulls, visited an apple museum, and learned about how apples should be picked the correct way.
Soon after, students enjoyed a wagon ride through a nature trail, came face to face with farm animals in a petting zoo, ate a picnic lunch, zoomed down an extra fun slide, and last (but certainly not least) enjoyed some fun and FAST pig races to end our adventure!

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