Sunday, November 6, 2016

Fulton Science Academy - Amazing & Unprecedented Results in Georgia Chess Tournament

Fulton Science Academy Chess Team students attended the Georgia State Grade Level Chess Tournament yesterday. The results are simply amazing and unprecedented. Our students won first place in FIVE different grade levels in the state. Way to go!

Christopher Gao - 1st Place in 1st Grade Level
Varun Gadi - 1st Place in 2nd Grade Level
Alexander Rutten - 1st Place in 4th Grade Level
Arnav Somaraju - 1st Place in 6th Grade Level
Vishal Balyan - 1st Place in 10th grade Level

Additionally, the following students won trophies in their grades:
Kovidh Parashar - 2nd Place in 1st Grade Level
Archer Watson - 2nd Place in 2nd Grade Level
Dheemant Parashar - 4th Place in 3rd Grade Level
Omer Ozturk - 7th Place in 1st Grade Level
Eric Yu - 7th Place in 4th Grade Level
Varun Sayana - Plus Score Trophy in 3rd Grade Level

Congratulations to ALL of our chess team students and parents. These results are incredible. We are very proud of you!

We would also like to thank Coach Carlos who was there throughout the tournament this weekend and was a big encouragement to the kids.

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