Monday, May 4, 2015


Our Turkish Olympiad Speaking Contest Team had a wonderful time on their trip to Jacksonville! Students began the first morning with a taxi boat tour of Jacksonville. They have played with giant chess and checkers in the Park. The weather was so nice and breezy. We tagged each other in laser tag and Sebastian Palma got the championship. The lunch was just so delicious, Sparsh Kudrimoti has eaten the biggest burrito ever. After that we enjoyed spending some time at the Jacksonville Beach. The sand was just so pure and nice to step on it. We got tired but that was not the end, we attended an amazing family dinner. The electricity was gone for a while, but that time was the highlight of the day to sing and watch some videos via phones along with the candles, and conversation was just unforgettable! Our host has served such a spectacular meal.  

The very next day we attended Turkish Olympiad Speaking Contest. Our students have done a great job again. Congratulations to our team for their spectacular performances. Vishal Raam got 1st place in Turkish Olympiad Beginner Speaking Contest, Sparsh Kudrimoti got 2nd place in Turkish Olympiad Intermediate Speaking Contest and the last but not the least Avinash Pratap got 3rd place in Turkish Olympiad Intermediate Speaking Contest. On Saturday, May 16th, these students will attend the Turkish Olympiad Finals in Jacksonville. Our students will receive their cash awards and trophies at the final.

Below is the the list of all students who won awards and qualified to perform at the finals:
Margarette Sutton
Carmen Tello
Bahriye Agu
Sedat Akgun
Vishal Raam
Sparsh Kudrimoti
Avinash Pratap

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