Monday, May 4, 2015


Over the last few weeks, elementary Spanish students have been busily working in teams of 2-4 students using a variety of Spanish language games and activities. All games and activities reinforce Spanish vocabulary and grammar covered throughout the year. Students new to Spanish this semester are quickly picking up vocabulary from first semester and all students are learning new vocabulary in order to extend their knowledge and further challenge themselves as well as their teammates. These games also allow for quick assessment of students' level of mastery as well as identify deficits in need of further instruction.
Foreign language games encourage students to use creativity and critical thinking in order to problem solve. They promote active participation, enhance student self-esteem, and language usage. Because each game encompasses a specific learning objective, each player is required to resolve a particular problem utilizing their strengths in different ways. Therefore, students learn just as much from one another as they do from the teacher.

Most importantly, students are more likely to interact socially in Spanish because they are using the language in a manner that is both enjoyable and less intimidating. As you can see, students had a wonderful time perfecting their language skills in a variety of highly engaging Spanish games and activities!

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