Sunday, April 26, 2015


Once again, FSA Math Team shined like a star @ the GCTM’s 15th Annual Middle School Math Competition on Saturday April 18th in Centerville, GA. Our team received 2nd place as a team out of 17 teams participated from all over GA. All FSA Math Team members placed among top 10 students and received an individual trophy as the recognition of their spectacular performance at this math competition. Individual placements are as follows:

Mira Mutnick – 3rd place
Charlie Furniss – 4th place
Karuna Kumar – 6th place
Katherine Li – 8th place

At the end of the competition, during Fright’ning Light’ning fun & challenging round members of each team answered oral relay questions at the stage. FSA Math team won 1st place as a team @ the Fright’ning Light’ning fun & challenging round among 17 school participated and won a big bag of candy!!

Congratulations to FSA Math Team!! Way to go! 

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