Thursday, March 12, 2015

Elementary Science Olympiad Students Advance to State Competition!

The hard work of the Elementary Science Olympiad students paid off this past Saturday, March 7th at the State Qualifying Competition. Our Elementary Science Olympiad students completed against 17 other teams and placed 2nd Overall as a team earning themselves a spot in the State Competition in May!! Head Coaches Ms. Minor and Ms. P could not be more proud of our ESO students and how well they represented FSAPS at the competition. A huge thank you goes out toall of our coaches for their hard work and dedication, and a giant CONGRATULATIONS to all of the students on the Elementary Science Olympiad team! A special shout out as well to the following students for their individual awards:

Bridge Building - 3rd Place: Celil Teber and Fatima Safdar coached by Mrs. Ayer
Disease Detectives - 6th Place: Kavitha Kuppaswamy and Siyona Patel coached by Mrs. Daley and Ms. Doraiswami
Don't Bug Me - 2nd Place: Shreyan Ghelani and Amrita Kaur coached by Mrs. Ghelani
Elements Compounds Mixtures - 6th Place: Logan Kersey and Michael Rico coached by Mr. Kersey
Grasp a Graph - 5th Place: Damien Davis and Bhavin Shah coached by Ms. Minor
Leaf and Tree Finders - 3rd Place: Kavitha Kuppaswamy and Lakshya Jasti coached by Ms. Doraiswami
Mystery Architecture - 7th Place: Logan Kersey and Siddarth Yamujala coached by Ms. Ramsey
Paper Rockets - 4th Place: Anastasia Kefalas and Neel Bhatt coached by Mrs. Yamujala
Rock Hound - 2nd Place: Nick A. and Fatima Safdar coached by Ms. P
Simple Machines - 7th Place: Nick A. and Neel Bhatt coached by Mrs. Ayer
Starry Starry Night - 2nd Place: Siyona Patel and Lakshya Jasti coached by Mrs. Flowers
Straw Egg Drop - 8th Place: Celil Teber and Neel Bhatt coached by Ms. Ramsey
Which Way is North - 10th Place: Austin Gardner and Greyson Osekevage coached by Ms. Minor
Water Rockets - 1st Place: Austin Gardner and Greyson Osekavage coached by Mr. Kurt

Way to go ESO students and coaches... we are so proud of you and we wish you the best of luck at State in May!

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