Friday, February 13, 2015


¡Hola de la clase EspaƱol! Second semester Spanish is off to a great start! Students are learning how to use correct gender and plural formation when adding adjectives to nouns and their articles. It's so exciting to see students master this concept and apply these rules with previous vocabulary. Students are now starting to put the pieces together and communicate using simple sentences. Parents, please encourage your child to teach you Spanish at home!

In our cultural studies, we are moving on from the Aztecs and slipping back in time to the highly advanced Mayans. We are learning about their very complex three-part calendar system which was more accurate than any calendar used in the Western world during the 1800's when it was first discovered. The Mayans as well as the Aztec did not possess metal tools nor did they use metal within their artwork other than gold and silver sparingly in their jewelry and other adornments. Just like their temples and pyramids, most of their carvings were made primarily of stone. Wood and jade were also used to carve intricate figures depicting their various mythological Gods.

Obviously, carving into stone or jade is not an option for my classes, so students in all grades are making various embossing relief patterns in thick layers of tin to create beautiful renditions of both Aztec designs and Mayan calendar symbols. Students have really outdone themselves! Look for these stunning works or art to be on display next week! ¡Hasta pronto!

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