Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Fulton Science Academy PI Digit Memorization Contest Winners

Category: ElementarSchools Grades

5th grader Fayo A. placed 1st with 140 digits

3rd grader Siddarth S. placed 2nd with 105 digits

4th grader Sonia H. placed 3rd with 105 digits (grade level is used as a tie breaker)

Category: Middle School Grades

8th grader Vishaal R. placed 1st with 233 digits. Vishaal is also overall school winner.

6th grader Tejaz A. placed 2nd with 140 digits.

7th grader Sid T. placed 3rd with 127 digits.

Category High School Grades

9th grader Vaani B. placed 1st with 177 digits.

10th grader Vishal B. placed 2nd with 75 digits

9th grader Tawfiq A. placed 3rd with 25 digits

And in PRE-K Cooper C recited 13 digits- wow!

The students listed below won the PI DAY HAT DESIGN CONTEST of 2017!

Category 9-10

1st place: Chloe R. (10th grade), 2nd place: Katarina G. (9th grade), 3rd place: Sanjeev U. (9th grade)

Category 7-8

1st place: Giles S. (8th grade), 2nd place: Catherine A. (7th grade), 3rd place: Logan K. (7th grade)

Category 5-6

1st place: Lucie B. (5th grade), 2nd place: Jake F. (6th grade), 3rd place: Ben J. (6th grade)

Category 3-4

1st place: Neerav S. (4th grade), 2nd place: Sarah R. (4th grade), 3rd place: Myles M. (4th grade)

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