Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Our Kindergarten students had such a great time celebrating our 100th Day of School this past Thursday, January 22nd. We started the day by sharing the 100th Day Poster Creations. We are so impressed with all of our 100th Day Poster Projects. Kindergarten students were SO creative and we can tell that they worked extremely hard. We enjoyed sharing each project and they are now displayed in the hallway for all of FSAPS to see! Our celebration continued with creating our 100th Day punch (with 100 cherries!), and our 100 pieces of paper challenge between two teams. After lunch, students rotated to eight different centers to celebrate the 100th Day. Students were able to create a necklace with 100 beads counting by tens, each student saw and wrote about themselves as old men and old women with the help of technology, they created a picture using the number 1-0-0 and wrote about their creation, they made a commemorative magnet to show they are 100 days smarter, students participated in a 100 cup building challenge, students competed against each other in a 'zero eating' donut contest, each class wrote 100 words together, and everyone enjoyed a snack called "Derdnuh" which included 100 pieces of snack. We ended the day by counting back from 100 and enjoying silly string on the playground! Students left with a 100 balloon and a giant smile on their face! It was such a fun day.

A big thank you to all of our parent volunteers and parents who donated items to help make this a special day! The teachers in Kindergarten appreciate you :-)

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