Tuesday, March 26, 2013

FSA Students Celebrated PI Day

FSA Students students celebrated PI DAY in different ways. 7th Graders, celebrated pi day with three activities,the first activity they did was pi memorization activity in which students were given limited time to memorize pi digits in groups and competed against each other. One group was able to memorize and write down correctly up to 29 digits.  During the second activity,  students measured the diameter and perimeter of various round objects using strings and divided  them to prove the pi number.The group came up with the closest number to the number pi won. They had fun competing and of course enjoyed delicious food. One other thing that 7th graders did was what we called Mr. PI. Mr. PI is the person who has the pi numbers as his phone number. Students were so excited to talk to him on speaker but unfortunately he didn't answer :) 

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